20% of all carbon emissions in the world are released through commercial refrigeration. We can help you make an impact.

Our energy saving devices cut the energy consumption of your industrial refrigeration
by up to 64%. Imagine lower electricity bills, reduced CO2 emissions,
a longer equipment lifespan, better food temperature, and less noise pollution.
So take your first steps to join the “Low Carbon Economy”.
Contact Eco Energy Sense now to find out how we can help.

Commercial refrigeration accounts for over 20% of the world’s energy consumption. This gives decision-makers in the food service, entertainment, and leisure industries a unique opportunity to make dramatic impact on energy use and carbon emissions.

Eco Energy Sense offers two uniquely innovative, retrofit, cost effective, energy reducing, carbon cutting products for commercial refrigeration.

EcoCube was designed and developed for non-perishable goods, and eCube for perishable products.

Both devices are British inventions which have gained recognition for success and awards for innovation.

So take your first steps to join the “Low Carbon Economy”. Find out more about our solutions for perishable commercial refrigeration and non-perishable commercial refrigeration and contact us to learn how we can help.